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About Us

Kent S. Iida

CEO, Founder

Trinity College Dublin

Srikanth Venkata Subramanian


Trinity College Dublin
Masters in Computer Science

Corporate Message of Jobllin.com

“Find jobs in your town”

Mission of Jobllin.com

“Work anytime, anywhere”

Vision of Jobllin.com

“Jobllin is the platform of casual jobs in the world”
“To strive to create various opportunities for users to start their new life.“

Message from Founder

“It is so hard to find a part time job.”

I don’t know how many times I have heard this sentence while living in Dublin.

In Dublin nowadays, the job market is incredibly competitive.

One of my friends once told me how she had visited over 30 shops and restaurants to drop off her CVs, all to no avail!

In Dublin, most people still look for part time jobs by checking signs posted on the door of restaurants or shops. It takes time, it is exhausting, and it is not efficient at all.

I have even heard that in order to get the competitive edge that jobseekers need, they lie on their CVs.

This is harmful to both employers and jobseekers.

As well as this, I hear some employers still have problems finding the right person to hire.

One of employers I talked to in my research said “We receive at least one CV every day. However it is still difficult to find the right person from those CVs because I know exactly who I want to hire but most of them aren’t the right candidate.”

Another employer said, “Last week I hired a person, but we had to fire him after three days due to his poor performance.”

People can be so quick to highlight their strengths and talents in CVs and interviews but when it comes down to it they just don’t perform to the standard we expect.

The employer continued “So I prefer to hire people that I know through friends or co-workers as opposed to someone I don’t even have a solid reference for.”

It can be a huge loss of an employer’s resources if they hire the wrong person, but also it can be a risk and cause other serious problems at work.

To solve these problems, we created Jobllin.com.

We hope every job seeker can find the right job with minimum effort and start their new life smoothly.

And we hope every employer will find the right person using minimum resources.

The name, Jobllin, came from “Job in Dublin.” We wish to do our best in making many Dubliners’ lives better.


Kent S. IIDA
Founder & CEO